Omni Rebranding



We learned through these exercises that today we are not currently providing an optimum level of information that satisfies our stakeholders’ needs or that separate us from the competition. In many cases our literature pieces are confusing and do not represent a unified vision.

This team also feels that the current restructure of Omni, and the realized value of a “new way of doing business” presents a unique opportunity to show commitment to that endeavor by aligning our promotional methods with our new team directives.


New branding that compliments and affirms the pit-stop that Omni is currently undertaking. Incorporate this new look into a new website that is driven by the needs of our stakeholders. New look for business cards, general presentation folder, printed and electronic line card, printed and electronic literature pieces, e-mail signature and ecard template. Evaluate and incorporate this new look into existing printed and electronic literature pieces.

Project Specifics

  • WHO Omni Metalcraft Corp.
  • WHERE Manufacturing
  • WHAT 12 Months Solution Rebrand