Chris Briley

Chris Briley knew what he wanted to do from a very early age; create art. From painting to sculpting, he explored a wide variety of different media in fine arts until his creative mind came across graphic design his sophomore year of college. From that point on, his focus has been more computer oriented, but he still dabbles with pencil and ink whilst creating freehand illustrations and developing logo designs.

Originally from Alpena, Chris moved to Colorado for a couple years after getting his Associates Degree to travel and explore “the West”. It wasn’t long though, until he moved back to Michigan and obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in Graphic Design from Saginaw Valley State University. Chris loves spending time with his family and teaching his young daughter new things every day. Grilling is an important event at Chris’ house, and the satifaction that comes when one sinks their teeth into his soon-to-be-famous Briley Burgers (patent pending). He also enjoys going to metal concerts, playing around in the garden, and making origami.

Web/Graphic Designer